Telos-21Zephyr Code of Conduct
Telos-21Zephyr will always operate in good faith with the Telos community, in the
spirit of integrity, honesty, and accountability. Our mission first and foremost is
facilitate a sustainable Telos blockchain and community. Telos-21Zephyr will
accomplish our mission through prioritizing network speed and stability, pursuing
technological excellence, engaging in transparent communication, and
empowering the community. As part of our commitment, we submit this code of
conduct to the token holders for your consideration.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to fully abide by, and uphold the rules and guidelines
set forth in the Telos Constitution and founding documents.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to operate in good faith, by providing transparency
and accountability in regards to our ownership and legal disclosure.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to maintain financial independence and neutrality, to
ensure that all decisions are made for the good of token holders we
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to adhere in a timely fashion to any and all rulings
from arbiters of the Telos arbitration process.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to provide the most secure and resilient block
producing node we possibly can, by dedicating all necessary resources and
investing further in the technology when needed.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to process all legitimate Telos transactions in
proper sequence, regardless of origin or source.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to make all important operational decisions with the
best interest of Telos and it’s token holders in mind.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to always maintain a healthy and productive dialogue
with the community by listening, understanding, and responding to the Telos
community with a practical orientation toward building consensus.
Telos-21Zephyr pledges to empower the community by providing
educational resources which will help grow the Telos user base, and ensure
that all token holders have the information they need to make informed
As a committed member of this community, we hope that our code of conduct
will help build trust with the Telos stakeholders. We want to be transparent and
engaged in everything that we do, so that we can better serve the Telos token